10 Simple Steps To Apply For Bajaj Health Card Online

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What is that one thing every person should have since childhood? A health card or a health insurance card. The Covid-19 pandemic has made us realise how important it is to prioritise our health over anything. At a time, when more and more health experts are ringing an alarm to take measures to secure one’s health, having a health card makes it simpler also to have your finance sorted out when it comes to fighting diseases.

While you may wonder what health card to opt for, we have one suggestion: A Bajaj Health card. The card can be used for multiple purposes and it comes with coverage of more than 1,700 hospitals and has 4,000+ wellness partners over 174 cities. And don’t worry, if you are looking for answers to your Google search, “bajaj card apply online”, you have come to the right place, where we have all the answers for you. 

Why choose Bajaj Health Card?

The Bajaj health card is a multipurpose card that can be used not just to pay medical bills but to also purchase medicines and avail of other kinds of health expenses. Anyone between 21-65 years old with Indian nationality can apply.

Moreover, unlike most other health insurance coverages, the Bajaj health card does not have any exclusion of expenses and can be used for any kind of treatment, from hair transplant, wellness care, dental care, eye checkup, other diagnosis and more. It can be availed for over 1,000 health treatments across India. 

Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of the health card is one can avail of the expenses at EMI and can repay the same over the next 2 years. This would be helpful in ensuring that a lot of money is saved at one time. 

Now, if you are wondering how to apply online for Bajaj Health Card, follow these simple steps:

Apply Online for Bajaj Health Card

1. First, go to the official website of Bajaj Finserv: https://www.bajajfinserv.in/

2. On their home page, scroll down until you land on ‘Our bestselling products’.

3. Among the various products there, you must select ‘Health Insurance’. The health card comes with coverage up to Rs 40 lakhs. 

4. Choose the option ‘Apply Online’.

5. The page that opens next will ask for your personal details and a few official details. The details include the names of the members being insured, your 10-digit mobile number, gender, email id etc.

6. Next, click on ‘Proceed’, to know the amount as your card limit. 

7. Next, you need to verify your KYC by uploading your Aadhar Card or through DigiLocker.

8. Post the KYC, you have to make a one-time payment depending on what card you’re choosing. You have to pay Rs 707 for a Gold card and Rs 999 for a Platinum card. 

9. Now you have to activate your Bajaj Health Card by clicking ‘Activate Now’. Here you will be required to enter the details of your bank account number and IIFSC code to complete the e-mandate. 

10. Once the last step is done, your Health Card would be ready for use. The number of the same will be visible once you download the Bajaj Finserv application on your mobile. 

Types of Bajaj Health card 

There are two types of Bajaj Health Card that you can opt for:

1. Health EMI Network Card — Platinum

This card provides 10 free consultations that can be availed for 90,000 doctors in 17 languages. Further, there are benefits of lab tests and OPD worth Rs 25,000 and preventive health check-up packages come with over 45 tests. There is an additional benefit of up to Rs 10,500. 

2. Health EMI Network Card — Gold 

This card comes with an annual health preventive check-up package worth Rs 3,000 and includes over 45 types of lab tests. There is also a scope of teleconsultation with 90,000 health experts and the health card comes with an additional benefit of Rs 8,000.

Documents need to apply for Bajaj Health Card

The following documents must be kept ready while applying online:

1. PAN Card

2. Aadhar Card

3. Bank account details

4. Cancelled cheque

5. Signed ECS mandate 

Benefits of the Bajaj health card 

With a Bajaj health card, you will also get coverage for Covid-19 complications without having the need to invest in any other policy. The card comes with perks of cumulative bonus and further, the entire claim goes through a paperless digital service.

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