10 Must-use apps and platforms for modern college students

Being a student today is extremely difficult. Finding solutions to keep up with the pace of change in the educational world without going insane is essential. How is the academic life of a student today? It is hurried, full of deadlines, dependent on communication, and driven by research. Does it seem like it would appreciate some assistance? It does. And this is where the gadgets that are widely blamed come in helpful. 

Here are 10 Must Have Apps

As E-learning technologies saw a rise in popularity during these six to eight months as more parents forced their kids to connect with educational programs to study (eazyresearch, 2020). No modern student who is focused on their studies would be without a variety of productivity tools to assist them in staying productive and organized. Let’s take a look at their must-download instructional resources.


Evernote has established itself as one of the top note-taking apps for a few years. What could be more captivating than a straightforward and understated user design, a practical and understandable toolkit for managing memos, and a mobile app students feel compelled to use?


Rev Voice Recorder is the go-to tool for people who detest typing and handwriting. It enables you to record a lecture and convert it into a document that can be printed without worrying about a word or sentence being missed.


Essays are a requirement for literature majors every other day. CliffsNotes includes thorough information about every key detail of a book, critical reviews, its summary and an audio option to absorb the information while you’re on the go, making it easier to recall the literary works you’ve read and plan to write an essay about. It means you can now write essays with the help of CliffsNotes without trouble. You can also find mba dissertation topics in business management since it provides you with data and knowledge.


Any reputable essay or paper must have citations. But it is exhausting to type those formatting symbols for hours on end. You only need to type the title into EasyBib, and the program will take care of the rest. It is great for students who spent a lot of time and energy on their dissertation or cryptocurrency research topics but didn’t have the stamina to cite their sources at the conclusion. The hardest part of the process is now finished with a little copy-and-paste.


Most of your study hours as a college student will be invested on your laptop. Most of the time is typically spent online exploring and taking notes on scholarly websites. Or, many pupils may have unwittingly spent time on our social media platforms.

We know that notifications cause dopamine release. Because they were created to divert your attention and lure you to their websites. Therefore, it makes sense why so many of us frequently find it difficult to complete a college class. Without checking our notification tabs at least once.

With the help of the free browser extension Motion. You can prevent yourself from visiting distracting websites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. By doing this, you can avoid the temptation to click on them. When there are other things you would rather be doing with your time. It can be fully customized to block particular websites.


Suppose you like to organize your weekly duties using to-do lists, Any. It will remain permanently installed on your smartphone. The program lists activities in descending order of urgency or importance and stamps them. As completed when you shake your iPhone or strikethrough yourself, exhaling in satisfaction.


Among the apps for online communication, Slack is a leader. It’s more than just a group chat; it also functions as a public website. With built-in Google Drive apps for sharing media, documents, presentations, and other files. The key component of Slack that distinguishes it as the best multi-task communication software is the video conferencing capability.


For students who are likely to encounter simple calculations and other algebraic expressions during their studies. Mathway is one of the best student applications because it provides answers and explains how to arrive at solutions.

Mathway will solve your problem if you put it into the app or attach a picture. You can read the comprehensive step-by-step instructions to learn how to solve similar problems in the future.

Perhaps one of the beneficial features is this one. The app’s explanation feature is a virtual tutor available around the clock to help you grasp any mathematics you are struggling with.


Do you dislike citing sources in your dissertations and other research papers? Rejoin the group.

Referencing can be very time-consuming, particularly if you forget which books and other sources you’ve utilised. Fortunately, RefME has created an innovative program that greatly improves the efficiency of identifying and citing resources.

The app offers new students thousands of free educational resources that can serve as a great starting point for academic reading and inspire further investigation. This eliminates the need to spend hours searching Google for academic publications pertinent to your studies.


You must get to know Todoist if you’re seeking one of the finest planning apps for students that works on all your devices, monitors your productivity, and enables you to organize every facet of your life.

Todoist is a task management tool that integrates tasks, projects, comments, attachments, and more, allowing you to increase productivity and finish your job more quickly while never letting anything slide through the cracks. Each of your tasks can have strong labels, filters, and tags added. The software will then convert these additions into simple productivity processes that revolve around you.

It’s clear, straightforward, and incredibly simple to comprehend, making it simple to keep track of your to-do list and choose what needs to be prioritized.


Nationwide lockdown and other economic constraints put us in immobilized positions to confide in safe and accessible entertainment havens such as games (Rasco, Chan, Peko, Sundaram, 2021). If you want to be successful in the present and the future, productivity is now more important than anything else. 


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