Can You Reuse A Teething Necklace?

Can You Reuse A Teething Necklace

Parenting can sometimes be stressful, especially when your baby has just begun teething. You’re left wondering if you can do anything to make the process easier, and many suggest using a teething necklace as an all-natural way to numb your baby’s sore gums. But are these necklaces reusable? How can you clean them before you use them again? Check out the complete guide on how to reuse a necklace safely and effectively.

Can Reuse a Necklace?

The beads in the teething necklace are made of silicone, which is non-toxic and non-irritating so you can reuse them. The material used in the necklace is rated as safe for babies to chew on, so it is not harmful to your baby if they chew on it. However, parents should be mindful that overusing the necklaces could cause drooling and tooth decay.

Few Things to Consider

As mentioned above, you can reuse the necklace if it’s not damaged. However, many moms are concerned about the safety of their babies because it is not known how often the necklace needs to be replaced. The best way to see if it is time to replace your baby’s necklace is by looking at the color of the silicone beads.

If you see any signs of wear or tear on the beads (i.e., scratches) or discoloration from exposure to sunlight or harsh detergents, it may be time for a new one. It’s also important to avoid contact with oily substances (i.e., soap and lotion) because this can cause bacteria buildup on the necklace that may lead to sickness.

How Often Should You replace it?

A teething necklace is a perfect accessory to help soothe your baby when they are in pain from teething. But how often should you replace it, and how do you know if it’s time for a new one? As long as your child hasn’t put it in their mouth and there are no apparent signs of wear and tear on the necklace, you can continue to reuse it. We recommend replacing them once every three months or more often if your baby seems uncomfortable with the necklace.

Tips for Storing and Cleaning the Necklace

There are many considerations for storing and cleaning these necklaces, especially if you reuse them. If you decide to reuse your necklace, ensure it is stored in a closed container like an airtight plastic bag or a re-sealable plastic container with the air sucked out of it. The most important thing is to clean the necklace thoroughly after each use. Make sure to wash your hands before handling the jewelry. As long as you follow these guidelines, there should be no reason you cannot reuse it again and again.


The beads in teething necklaces are generally made of food-grade silicone, so you can reuse them as long as they are not damaged. However, because the beads may harbor bacteria from your mouth and saliva, washing them before wearing is important for baby health.

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