What Do I Need To Tint My Car Windows?

What Do I Need To Tint My Car Windows

Car window tinting can keep you cooler during the hot summers. It can protect the interior of your vehicle and add value when you are ready to go. With a few dealers charging a massive amount for window tinting, a DIY tinting would save you from spending a great amount of money. Car window tinting can also provide privacy and protect your car. So, it is good to tint your car window, and here is how you can do it:

What is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is usually a plastic film applied to the windows of your car that darken the glass. It helps reduce VLT Visible Light Transference which is the amount of light passing through the windows. Tints are often rated by their VLT which means higher the VLT number or percentage, the more visible light will come in.

Every vehicle sold in the UK comes with standard tinted glass. In order to stay within the legal limits, it is crucial to compensate for factory VLT before you add an aftermarket window tint. Hence, know the laws of the UK before choosing the tint percentage!

Tools Needed For Window Tinting

You can find car window tinting films at different places. You will also need a window tint application solution along with a razor knife, a lint-free cloth, a heat gun, a scraper blade and an application squeegee. Also, find a dust free place to work. Avoid doing it in excessive cold or heat or on a day with excessive humidity. Most importantly, check the laws to identify which windows can be legally tinted and how dark they can be made.

How to Tint Your Car Windows?

Apply the application to the car window’s inside part. Don’t over spray on the doors. Run the scraper blade on the window side to side. Start from the top and gently work your window down. This would remove grime, debris and dust. Make sure not to gouge the glass with your blade. Then, run the squeegee across the window again and remove any leftover solution or debris.

Put the application solution now on the outside of the window and roll the tint film on the window with the film facing upward. The solution would hold the film in place as you cut it to the right size. Run the squeegee over the tint to ensure it does not move. Roll the window down from the door frame for sliding windows about an inch and cut the sides and top of the film to shape, using the window as a template. Then, round off the edges using fingers.

Then, slide the film up about an inch before you cut along the bottom of your car windows, using the window gasket as a template. This would make sure the base of the window is well covered. For non-sliding windows, you may use the window gaskets as a template and then cut the film right to the edges. Spray the interior of your windows using the application solution. That’s how you can tint your car windows!

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