Santa Claus Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Santa Claus Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Drawing For Kids Santa Claus, a legendary character, is said to visit households on Christmas Eve and give gifts to the kids. He supposedly travels the world in a sleigh pulled by reindeer during the holiday season.

Santa Claus Drawing For Kids instructions is in great demand because of their astounding popularity. As soon as you asked for it, we gave it to you.

Cute Santa Claus Drawing

Finally, we have produced a lesson that explains how to draw Santa Claus in only 9 basic and straightforward stages. According to these instructions, you can draw a Santa Claus that is animated or realistic-looking. Each step’s clear pictures can be used as a visual help while you follow the directions.

No matter how good you are at drawing, we are confident that you will have no trouble following these directions. At any point, you can improvise and add your own flavor. Use any color scheme to make your artwork distinctive and stand out. Allow your creativity to flourish and your imagination to run wild. Have fun and express your creativity!

Santa Claus Drawing Step By Step


  • In the center of the top of your paper, draw a perfect circle.
  • Don’t worry if you have trouble drawing a flawless circle by hand. A compass may always be used as a drawing tool to swiftly and precisely draw a circle.
  • Draw reference lines across the page in the horizontal and vertical directions to properly center the outline. The circle should be drawn along the vertical line directly above the horizontal line.


  • Draw the ears of Santa Claus.
  • On either side of the face’s contour, draw a half-circle. Those are the ears of Santa Claus.
  • Aim for uniformity and height when drawing the ears. Additionally, you can mark reference lines on the face to guarantee that the ears are placed correctly.


  • Draw the various facial features.
  • Draw a Christmas cap directly above Santa Claus’s head, as seen in the figure.
  • Draw a mustache in the middle of the face, just below the curvature of the nose. Then, at the base of his face, draw broad, wavy lines to give the beard a dense, fluffy appearance.


  • Draw the upper body or torso.
  • Santa Claus needs to keep his upper body covered by his beard.
  • Make the physique chubby because Santa Claus is naturally on the larger side.


  • Draw the jacket’s hem in.
  • You can create the hem of Santa Claus’ jacket by drawing a rectangle whose edge corresponds to the edge of the garment.


  • Santa Claus’ legs should be drawn.
  • For each leg, draw a pair of diagonal lines oriented in the same direction. The legs must be oval with a wide top and a narrow bottom.
  • The bottom of each leg will now be cuffed. Keep your legs proportionately straight.


  • Put the belt and shoes together.
  • Drawing For Kids a broad belt over the midsection of the torso. After that, tuck each leg’s sleeve into the shoes.


  • Draw Santa’s arms out.
  • Draw two upward diagonal lines with a cuff at the bottom on either side of the chest to represent Santa Claus’ arms. The gloved hands should then be lowered until they are below the cuff.
  • The illustration depicts Santa Claus with his arms lifted. You can draw your arms in one direction or move them however you like.

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