The Best Drink for Muscle Recovery

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Workout enthusiasts and athletes often push their limits during the workout. Pushing muscles to their full capacity gives an edge to improve performance and achieve goals. But in this process, your body may start feeling pain due to dehydration. And even after drinking a lot of water, your body may need some time to recover. 

Some supplements and drinks can help athletes recover faster after strenuous workouts. Such supplements eliminate the risk of muscle soreness, so you can continue the daily routine without losing a second. There are numerous muscle recovery drinks to choose from, but only a few can deliver optimum performance. Here we discuss the best drink for muscle recovery.

What Helps with Muscle Recovery?

Some ingredients to look for in a muscle recovery drink include:

  • Proteins 
  • Carbohydrates 
  • Electrolytes 

Although you may recover with sufficient water intake during a workout and a good night’s sleep, it may take time for an athlete to feel better. This way, fast muscle recovery drinks can keep the body healthy and safe.

PREPD Recovery Drink

PREPD is a drink for athletes. Those involved in various sports like cycling, running, soccer and basketball. But it is not a typical sports drink, so you should take it with other hydration drinks. Experts suggest taking PREPD recovery with water or sports drinks enhances absorption.

This muscle recovery drink has numerous benefits after workouts, training and competitions. The PREPD is low in sugar and has additional electrolytes to replace the lost body salts and fluids.

Muscle Recovery Drink Formulation

The science behind PREPD muscle recovery is to enhance maximum water absorption in the body. This is done by leveraging the large intestine’s ability to absorb more than five litres daily. This drink is great for muscle recovery because it improves hydration by up to 29% after a workout or training. It takes a two-step rehydration approach with the following ingredients.

1. Resistant Starch

Resistant starch is available in foods like green bananas and potatoes that form most people’s daily diets. This starch can reach the large intestine, broken down into short-chain fatty acids to ramp up fluid absorption in the large intestines. Therefore, taking PREPD Recovery after a workout can help your body absorb extra fluid to replace lost water from sweating.

2. Electrolytes

Sometimes, muscles may fail to repair effectively after training or competition. As the body loses fluids, it also loses electrolytes which depletes the supply. You can take PRIME before a workout to maintain the number of electrolytes in the body. Then, after working out, grab a bottle of PREPD recovery and refresh. PREPD contains electrolytes like sodium which can aid in rehydration after a workout. 

Proven Benefits of Muscle Recovery Drinks

1. Performance Boost

After a strict workout routine, lactic acid builds up in the muscles, due to which the muscles are sore, and you may feel pain. Such pain limits your mobility leading to poor performance in sports or at the gym. Muscle recovery drinks inhibit lactic acid build-up in the muscles ensuring optimum body performance.

2. Reducing Fatigue

Sports and workouts exhaust your muscles and make you tired. Sometimes the body may not release enough amino acids to manage such fatigue. PREPD muscle recovery drink is proven to deliver additional amino acids to rejuvenate your body.

3. Improved Gut Health

PREPD hydration drink contains resistant starch and a slow-release carbohydrate. The difference between resistant starches and those in our diets is that they are resistant to digestion. So when you take PREPD, the starch will move to the large intestine and improve gut health. Taking this drink after a workout delivers good bacteria, aiding digestion when you eat.

4. Faster Recovery Post-Exercise

Muscle inflammation is common after a workout which reduces mobility. A few hours after a workout, you may also feel uncomfortable. PREPD promotes faster recovery after an exercise by reducing inflammation in the muscles. It also prevents injuries that may result from high inflammation levels.

5. Sleep Improvement

PREPD recovery can help improve sleep by hydrating the body and reducing headaches that cause sleeplessness. Adults can lose up to three to four litres of water daily, especially after a strenuous workout. Muscle recovery drinks will also ease cramps that prevent you from sleeping comfortably.

If you are still deciding what muscle recovery drink to take after a workout, PREPD recovery is a great choice. All the details covered here explain the unique formulation of this drink and its proven benefits from over 20 years of research. This drink effectively soothes muscle pain since it contains proteins, carbohydrates and electrolytes. This drink is also low in sugar, lactose and gluten-free and safe for vegans.

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