Top 10 Online Marketplaces in 2022

Online Marketplaces

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or just looking for ways to save money, you might have heard of some of the top online marketplaces. You might be familiar with sites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, but there are plenty of other options as well. These marketplaces are perfect for finding unique items and promoting them, and here are the top 10 to watch for in 2022.

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During a recent study, eBay marketplaces gmbh ranked thirteenth out of fifteen sites rated in the Recommended Selling Venue category. This metric, which measured the efficiency of the marketplace, includes an array of criteria, including customer service, a listing template, and a best offer system.

It’s easy to see why eBay is one of the top online marketplaces of 2022. The site is a global platform that serves more than 180 million worldwide buyers, and is the world’s largest auction site.

Although it’s no stranger to the Internet, eBay’s success has been driven by a variety of factors. The company first entered the Chinese market in 2002, and later expanded to Japan, Taiwan, and New Zealand. In 2007, it was forced to exit the Chinese market because of competition from its competitor, Taobao. Now, it’s sold off its India operations to Flipkart for $1.4 billion.


Whether you are a small business or a multinational company, the growth of online marketplaces has a direct impact on your company. These marketplaces are virtual shopping outlets that offer many benefits to sellers and consumers. They are expanding rapidly across all regions, and are proving to be an important part of the ecommerce cake. Using a marketplace to diversify your sales channels can make your business more successful.

For those that are new to the concept, an online marketplace is a virtual shopping outlet that allows retailers and manufacturers to sell their products to a worldwide audience. This provides consumers with more choices and convenience. Moreover, it can provide testing grounds for new products or brands.

Most of the top marketplaces are global sites. For example, Amazon is the world’s largest online retail site.


Despite being the largest e-commerce marketplace, Etsy is not the most popular. Instead, it is a niche platform that attracts a dedicated audience. And if you are looking to sell your handmade goods, then Etsy may be the best place for you.

According to Statista, the most popular categories on Etsy include Home and Living, Jewelry, Art and Collectibles, Shoes, and Electronics & Accessories. Each of these categories had a seller share of at least 25%.

Etsy offers a variety of tools for sellers to grow their business. They include a shop, on-site ads, and shipment tracking. In addition, sellers can collaborate with Etsy Teams to provide support.

The majority of Etsy’s merchants are from the United States. However, it also has significant presence in Canada, Australia, UK, and Germany.


Almost half of the internet users in Poland shop online, and Allegro is the leading e-commerce marketplace in the country. As an online marketplace, it offers a wide range of products from various categories including Fashion, Electronics, Homewares, Books and Art.

In addition to offering low prices and a large selection of goods, Allegro provides practical assistance throughout the sales process. The Allegro team helps sellers by providing translations for listings and providing a range of affiliate services. The company also offers practical help to merchants in the form of logistics services.

The Allegro website attracts more than 20 million visitors every month. In addition, the company is known across Central and Eastern Europe. It has a market share of nearly 90%.


Despite Amazon’s enormous size and dominance in the eCommerce market, Walmart will still be one of the top 10 online marketplaces in 2022. As Walmart continues to expand its marketplace, sellers have access to new technologies and cutting-edge eCommerce technologies. In addition, they can use advanced listing quality tools, expedited shipping programs, and mobile scan and go options to enhance their business success.

As with any eCommerce marketplace, sellers on the Walmart marketplace have to have competitive selling prices, diverse products, and fast fulfillment capabilities. In addition, they must complete a seller profile and sign a Walmart Retailer Agreement. Depending on the product, a seller may have the option to use an algorithmic repricer to set pricing based on competitive pricing and competitor sales.

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