Ways To Help A Charity Without Donating Money

Ways To Help A Charity Without Donating Money

Helping a charity is about giving in something. But that something doesn’t always have to be money. There are other things that can help the charity as much as your donation would. But what are those ways in which you can ensure that you are helping out? Let us take a look.

Giving back to society

There are several charities out there, like the Zohra Foundation, that are working towards the betterment of society and the well-being of others in one way or another. At this point in our lives, with people suffering from different situational issues, we need to come together and help these charities as much as possible. But what if we do not have the money to make a decent donation? Here are a few things you can do to help the foundation as much as possible without having to donate:

  • Spread the word
  • Use all social media platforms 
  • Get the attention of an official 
  • Do volunteering work
  • Donate supplies

Spread the word!

Spreading the word is one of the most beneficial ways in which you can help a donation or charity foundation. If you cannot donate yourself, you can ask around or tell about the authentic foundation of your peers and social circle. Surely there would be many willing to donate instead. And even if there is just one who donates to Zohra Foundation after you tell them about it, it is a win!

Use all social media platforms!

Social media is the biggest form of spreading the word. There are many people using this platform nowadays for many things. There are also communities on Facebook for different things. You can join a community for donations and NGOs. This way, you can get the word out to the necessary niche of people. 

You can write an email or a letter to the official in your area and ask them to help the foundation. They can help with either money or raising funds or sending in people who can help the charity in any given way. Remember that even the smallest help counts at Zohra Foundation!

Offer help!

If you can’t donate money, you can always offer help. You can try to do volunteer work or ask the people in the foundation if there is any way in which you can assist them. Provide your vehicle for transportation, make coffee for the workers who work tirelessly, or just look out for any small chore that you might be able to help around with and do that. It will be equally important as donating money. 

There are charity foundations made for donating to people who have suffered a great materialistic and physical loss in floods recently. If there is no money to offer, you can offer help by donating things. If you have old jackets, clothes, or any other thing you think might have been used by someone, do that. The foundation will be more than welcome to receive supplies.

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