What Kind of Posts Can You Auto Post to Instagram?

How would you feel about using auto-posting features on your business profile? Is it a thrilling experience for you? Unbelievable, right?

You no longer need to spend your precious time planning the scheduled posts manually after getting a notification here’s an example. Your content will automatically post with auto-scheduling because you simply set it and forget it. Now you spend your vacations or nap because your social media will handle it magically.

Cool feature, right?

While with manual posting on Instagram, you can navigate to unfamiliar areas. It’s all about sending your child’s first day at school and not knowing what’s going on. The same happens with social media because it is too big to explore. However, the auto-post feature is a new edition and a little unaware, but exciting.

Don’t fret because this post will sort out fears regarding the auto-posting feature. Besides, you would be confident, calm, and have full authority over whatever you post.

Set up a plan on auto posting

First, you need to set it to turn on auto-posting, and it is better to switch business accounts if you haven’t. While creating a business profile, you will notice an auto-posting feature beside your account. Finally, you have the ‘on option and are ready to go for other settings.

  • Schedule your post if you want to fulfill the requirement of the auto post.
  • After selecting a time for a post, you will notice an icon ‘A’ on the top of images of lists of videos.
  • Now auto-post feature will publish your content on Instagram, and you will get a notification after it’s live.

Many users don’t consider this feature according to user expectations because they think it might not fulfill engagement requirements. But avoid using a third-party app for engagement because they are a significant threat to your account.

Besides, Instagram penalizes those creators who post their content on a third-party app. Basically, the thing that affects your engagement is your behavior and how to post.

For example, content posting with ghosting means you are posting but have no more interaction with others. It can seriously threaten your content. So, if you are utilizing the auto-post feature, spend enough time looking at the engagement factor regarding quality content.

Check current posts appropriately if an applied auto post

If you have already scheduled your content for the upcoming time and you turn on an auto post on Instagram, it will automatically publish all content without doing anything.

But before switching on the auto-post option, you need to ensure that all content is high quality and that every post will go up automatically with an exact arrangement.

In case of any post that needs to be manually engaged, double check it if happy to send it for the auto post. You will receive a notification while online. So, keep alert and quick fix if any need.

Don’t depend thoroughly on auto post

You have good practice with manual posting and are a little scared about an auto post. No worry, don’t jump over it completely, and first taste this feature gradually.

Turn on the auto-post feature for a few posts if you have a short time to post them. But handle other posts manually, check results coming from the updated options, and turn off the auto-most option.

Remember hashtags

However, the most attractive thing about the auto post is to set it completely this setup and merely forget it. So, spend your free time on other activities like marketing strategy or creating quality content.

But if you use hashtags in your post in the first comment, you need to change this strategy. Otherwise, add a comment manually in your post that can defeat the intention.

Besides, you can use hashtags end of the caption, so they automatically publish with other content.

Chose optimal time to publish content

Another incredible feature of auto posting is easy testing it for different timing publish your content. If you selected a limited time of posting content for the morning, evening, or break time when users are free, this feature will open opportunities at the next level.

There are two options regarding auto post custom time and post now. The ‘post now’ option means the best time according to you, and custom time means posting content with super-performing time.

One option is to publish data you consider good, and the second is to post in the user’s active time. While choosing these options, you can easily optimize your posts, even during sleeping time.

Besides, you can use the option of repurposing posts for other channels. It means the cross-post feature for your content will automatically update for other social media channels.

Final verdict:

So, the auto-post feature is like autopilot, but a pilot is significant for flying. Many sites offer a newly released auto-post option but choose carefully, which is suitable for your content.

Now your session will not expire if you are taking beauty sleep. Take plenty of time to consider how. So, be ready to begin auto-posting power and update social media planning for successful posting.

Sophie Brown

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