Top 5 Photo Editing Apps

Whether you are looking for a photo editing app for your mobile device, or for desktop use, there are a few top apps to keep in mind. These apps will help you to edit your photographs, and get the best results possible.


Using a photo editing app is a good idea if you want to tweak a picture to your liking. These apps like photeeq are capable of changing the exposure, brightness, color and more. They can also be used to correct small errors in a photo. In addition to that, some of these apps are capable of creating special effects. The best photo editing apps will have features such as AI filters, object removal and background replacement.

The Photo Editor is a clean and simple app that allows you to enhance your photos by adding layers and zooming in. It does not take up much space on your device and does not drain your battery. However, you will need to import your images before you can start tweaking them.

Adobe Photoshop Express. 3.5

Unlike the desktop version of Photoshop, the Adobe Photoshop Express is not just a web application but an iOS app as well. This allows users to directly upload and edit their pictures without leaving the program.

The program is easy to use and contains all the necessary features to make your photos look more impressive. For instance, you can use the app to crop images and straighten the picture. The program also offers a selection of one-touch filters. You can also apply effect presets and zoom in or out.

The software is free to download and use and requires no browser plugins. You can even take pictures with the built-in camera and then correct them in the program. Lastly, you can share the edited photo via email or WhatsApp.


Among the top 5 photo editing apps, Afterlight stands out because it provides a wide variety of features and tools to help improve your photos. It allows you to create custom filters and overlays to enhance your photos. In addition to this, you can crop your photos, straighten them, and adjust their aspect ratio.

Afterlight has an interface that’s easy to use. You can open the app’s main menu and then choose a specific adjustment tool. The icons are labeled clearly, so you can find the tools you need without a hassle. You can also rename presets, which is a handy feature.

Afterlight has a clean interface with five main buttons. You can choose from a wide range of filters and edits, and you can customize the color of each filter.

Apple Photos

Whether you are looking to retouch your work or just change a few colors, Apple Photos is a robust photo editing app. You can adjust colors, crop your images, and add pre-set filters. Using the app is easy. You can also add text and shapes to your photos.

Another great option is PicsArt, which is free to download. It offers a great library of images for you to edit. You can use the app to add effects, crop your photos, and share them on social networks. It also has a sticker feature, a hyperlapse mode, and an HDR mode.

The best thing about this app is that it is extremely fast. You can make edits in just a few seconds. It is also compatible with RAW files.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Using Adobe Lightroom Mobile is a great way to edit and manage your photos on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android. The mobile app is free to download. It is a full-featured photo editing application, offering a range of editing tools.

The Lightroom Mobile photo editing app is an important part of the Creative Cloud ecosystem. It can be used as a standalone application, but you can also sync your photos with your desktop version of the software. The main advantage of this is the ability to edit photos from both your phone and your computer.

The app has a simple and elegant user interface. It provides an overview of your photos, albums, and editing steps. It also allows you to view metadata. In addition to the usual album and folder names, you can see metadata related to people, comments, and web-albums.

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