Wooden shoe racks are convenient for storing shoes

Too many shoes said no one ever! Get yourself a wooden shoe rack online and say goodbye to your shoe storage woes.

When we think of storage requirements for our home, we tend to forget shoe cases. But having nowhere to put your footwear collection can leave your house looking cluttered and untidy. A shoe rack not only looks after the storage aspect but also gives you the perfect space to showcase your precious collection.

You can find an array of wooden shoe rack in pakistan online, but choosing the right one can be tricky. Should you go for a classic rack or an up-to-the-minute design? What storage size should you pick? Should you go for drawers or open compartments? Too many questions, right?! Well, we will make the selection process a little easier for you through this post.

Today, we will give you some easy tips on how to pick the ideal wooden shoe rack online? In the next section, we will tell you everything you need to know about selecting the perfect shoe rack for yourself.

Choosing the right shoe rack online

A shoe rack comes in several different sizes. The structures vary too. While some racks can accommodate 10 to 14 pairs, others can only fit 6. Depending on the number of shoes that you want to stack up, go for the right shoe storage rack for yourself. Also, you need to figure out if you want a shoe rack that is compact and aesthetic, no fuss or one that is elaborate in its style. When choosing the right wooden shoe rack online, you need to know which style to go for. The most common styles include:

  • Shoe cabinet
shoe cabinet

Shaped like a cabinet, these shoe racks can accommodate several pairs of shoes. For instance, the Bianca Shoe Rack in the picture above can store up to 11 pairs of shoes. This shoe rack style easily fits most of the decor that is found in a modern Indian household. While the closed compartments can hide your rugged sneakers, the rack can exhibit your dainty partywear.

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  • Shoe Cube
Shoe cube

A shoe cube looks extremely aesthetic because of its shape. It can usually accommodate shoe pairs divisible by three (hence the name). The Astrid shoe rack in the picture, for example, can fit in 15 pairs of footwear. If you are a collector of shoes and of modern ergonomic designs, then this shoe rack type is the one to go for.

  •  Shoe Bench
shoe rack

A shoe rack that resembles a bench can be used to not only store shoes but also exhibit favorite souvenirs or frames or even potted plants on the flat surface on top. The shoe case soon becomes a showpiece in itself, catching the attention of guests the minute they step in. The storage isn’t as much as the others, for example the Lyra shoe rack above can store only6 pairs of shoes. However, this can be an advantage if you are someone with a smaller footwear collection and only have a small space for the shoe rack.

We hope we have put your doubts to rest. You can now select the perfect shoe rack for yourself and stop your shoes from walking all over you!

Sophie Brown

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