How long does Umrah take?

How long does Umrah take?

Muslims visit Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah from across the globe throughout the year. Saudi Arabia is holy place for all Muslims of whole world because of Kaaba situated in Makkah. Every Muslim desires to visit Kaaba at least once in life. But now-a-days, life of people is very busy and they have no time for any purpose. But, they desire to visit Kaaba, so, they usually wants to know “how long does Umrah take”. We are here for you with complete explanation of your this question.

Introduction of Umrah in Islam

Muslim’s visit to Makkah and round of Kaaba is called Umrah. Muslims offers Umrah under rules and regulations set by Islam for helping Muslims and maintaining discipline. Umrah is must done duty for all Muslims no matter men or women. A Muslim can offer Umrah more than once in life. One of the basic purpose of offering Umrah is the removal of all sins and evil acts performed in past life. As the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said that

“An Umrah is the removal of all sins committed in between it and next, but a Hajj which is accepted no less in reward than paradise.”

How long does Umrah take?

Before left for any travel, a man always prepares himself with essential things for that travel. So, a man should prepare himself with all needs that are essential for offering Umrah. These also include all those things that are needed during travelling for your country to Jeddah.

To preparing for Umrah, you must have following things.

  1. Umrah visa
  2. Flight tickets
  3. Hotel

Umrah visa

You should get your Umrah visa by any Umrah travel agency. You can also get visa without agent by paying to Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. But, it will be too expensive for you. So, you should get visa by any agent.

Flight tickets

You must have flights tickets for travelling. It will be easy for you to travel by direct flight to Jeddah, a city of Saudi Arabia. But direct flight is unavailable, you must to travelling through flight with only one stop.


While offering Umrah, you have to stay in night. So, you should book a hotel for you before left for Umrah. You should book a hotel near Kaaba for your convenience.

If you are travelling through direct flight, you should wear Ihram at departure airport. But you have one stop, you can wear Ihram at that stop.

Tawaf takes minimum 2 hours if offers in less crowd. If you offer Umrah in huge crowd, it may take 3 to 4 hours. Sa’ee takes 2 hours. Final step Halaq takes just a few minutes. So you can offer Umrah minimum in 4 hours. Maximum Umrah takes just 6 hours. Travelling to Madinah is optional for pilgrimages.

Best travelling agency

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The minimum Umrah duration is 4 hours if you offer Umrah in less crowd. If you offer Umrah in huge crowd, it may takes up to 6 hours.

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