What No One Tells you About Suburbs: 6 Hidden Advantages


City life is frequently glorified, with its crowded streets, interactions with others, and “hustle” way of life. However, there are a number of unnoticed drawbacks that can make being in a downtown apartment with a spectacular view less than dazzling. More individuals are moving to the suburbs to take advantage of remote work benefits, quality time with loved ones, and a slower pace of life as a result of the epidemic than ever before.

But as we all know, the suburbs offer more affordable homes, superior educational systems, a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities, etc. Having said that, there are benefits to living in the suburbs that are sometimes disregarded, ignored, or even taken for granted. When deciding where to purchase your future home, consider these options.

Here are four under-discussed benefits of living in the suburbs.

A wider sky

Wide open spaces like the smart city of Islamabad, welcome you when you step back from the commotion of a metropolis. Most city dwellers miss the natural surroundings of the suburbs the most. 

Every night is the ideal time to go stargazing because there is substantially less light pollution! You also have a stunning view of the morning sunrise and the evening sunset without being surrounded by high structures. Speaking about sunshine, a lot of it allows for the growth of gardens, fresh flowers, and vitamin D absorption. When the sky is clear and the sun is shining, there is something in the air… That is something you just can’t do in the city!

Fantastic grocery choices

I personally reside in the suburbs, and the abundance of neighboring supermarket options was one of the first things I noticed right immediately! 

Living in a community necessitates that the region accommodates various dietary and lifestyle preferences; whether you follow a vegan, gluten-free, or “anything goes” diet, you’re sure to find grocery stores close by that meet your requirements. Or, you could be like me and stock up on your “go-to” things at various supermarkets! The supermarket selections available in cities are quite different from those in the suburbs.

Encourages a good work/life balance

At the end of the workday, it might be challenging to feel like you can unwind, recharge, and take a break when you’re always surrounded by a hectic atmosphere. Finding a healthy work/life balance is easier to do in a slower-paced environment than it is in cities. 

You’re situated close to neighborhood leisure centers, parks, gyms, sports fields, and much more because suburbs are supposed to be community-based; being a little outside of a larger city typically means you’re close to anything you could possibly need. After a long day at work, having easy access to the amenities that foster community offers countless possibilities for relaxation, whether alone or with the whole family.

Never a problem with parking

The suburbs might be worth considering if, like me, you experience severe anxiety while driving in cities. 

It’s simpler to park in suburban areas whether you’re in an apartment complex or a neighborhood with single-family homes. Cities frequently offer garage, metered, or street parking, and in some places, like Lahore, Multan, or Karachi, it can be difficult to drive. The extra space in the suburbs makes for smooth driving and parking conditions — combined with excellent road infrastructure, safe driving is a top suburban priority.

The schools are frequently more focused

Teachers are frequently asked to train dozens of students without the appropriate materials in highly populated locations, such as large cities. 

Public schools in suburbs are frequently less crowded than those in cities because of the lower general population density. Children benefit from this because they can receive individualized education and teachers can develop close bonds with their charges.

More “Convenient” option

The suburbs can also be found near many of the facilities available in urban areas. For instance, you can frequently find restaurants and unique attractions in small towns—or, thanks to the suburb’s close proximity to the metropolis, you can quickly get there from your neighborhood!

Living in the suburbs also makes parking a lot less of an issue. There are typically a parking lot (with open spots), a driveway, or simple street parking available whether you merely need to park at home or at work. In the city, this is not the case!

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