Buy Cat6 Plenum Cable at Discounted Prices


If you often find the best ethernet cables to buy to be rather overly priced and the reasonably priced ones to be substandard quality, this article is for you.

It is a common problem with ethernet cable consumers. The great cables such as the Cat6 plenum 1000ft cost unfair amounts and often, vendors ship poor quality cable for hefty sums. With quick research, you can find the right vendor who can provide you with top-notch quality Cat discounted prices.

Keep reading to find out how to buy the Cat6 plenum cable on a budget or at affordable rates – to say the least.

Why Cat6 Plenum 1000ft?

Because there are many high-end ethernet cables, you could ask, why Cat6 plenum 1000ft? And why not any other cable?

The answer is simple. Cat6 bare copper plenum cable offers blazing data transfer rates and it does not cost a fortune.

It is also easy to install as compared to its counterparts. Only its shielding variant is a bit tricky otherwise, this is smooth as butter to run.

The internal design and construction of the cable are such that it actively prevents EMI from interfering with signal transmission. The spline, also known as the wire separator integrated between conductor pairs is also responsible to reduce interference and internal crosstalk.

You do not install ethernet cables in your home or office building every day. So it’s best to use the right cable in order to save yourself the trouble of reinstalling and repairing the cables.

Different Prices of Cat6 Plenum Bulk

As mentioned earlier, the price of the Cat 6 plenum bulk ethernet cable varies from vendor to vendor.

This of course means that the quality will also vary. The main reason for the difference in price and quality is the raw materials.

Depending on where your vendor is based, they will get the materials at different prices. And that directly translates into different prices for the cable.

So, if you want to know, generally, how much a bare copper Cat6 plenum 1000ft cable would cost. The answer is between $150 to $250. This will vary depending on the shielding on the cable. If the cable is shielded, it will cost more and without shielding, it costs less.

Moreover, the quality of the material will also affect the price. If bare copper has a high oxygen content, it will cost less. As compared to copper with less oxygen content.

Also true is this fact for the plenum jacket.

How to Buy?

Now, the real question: how to buy?

There are two ways you can buy cable. First, you can consult your network cable installer to help you out with the buying of the Cat6 plenum bulk ethernet cable.

And second, you can examine your needs yourself, and then buy the right cable from a supplier.

Buying the cable the first way is much easier. A network cable installer will be well-equipped with the knowledge to buy the perfect cable for your need.

But if you need to buy the cable for your own needs yourself, you will need to consider a few things.

First, figure out how much cable you will need. Then decide if you will need shielded or unshielded cable. And finally, you will purchase Pure Copper Cat6.

Where to Get Discounted Prices on Cat6 Plenum Cable?

How to buy Cat6 plenum cable is an important question. But an even more important and in fact the main question of this article is: where to get discounted prices on it?

Let’s quickly break down the answer.

First, know that the most appropriate networking cable for your needs is the one that is futureproofed as well as high-performing.

So this means that in order to buy the cable at the right price, you need to know the exact specifications you require.

And depending on the specifications of the Cat6 bare copper cable, you will be able to tell between a good and a bad price.

In any case, you can buy these Cat6 plenum 1000ft cables for even lesser than the base price of the cable. If you shop on special occasions, you will be able to grab even more lowered prices.

Pros and Cons

The Cat6 bare copper cable is the most ideal choice for high-speed ethernet networks, but it does have its disadvantages. As is the case with every product, this cable also has its fair share of pros and cons.

For example, installing a plenum jacket is not as easy as installing a riser jacket. It is thick and stiffer which makes the installation a bit tricky.

Similarly, the thickness protects the cable in harsh weather and it also does not emit toxic smoke in case of a fire hazard.


In short, you can buy the Cat6 plenum 1000ft bare copper ethernet cable at discounted prices by choosing the right vendor. If you buy the cable from a supplier, it will cost you more. But if you choose a manufacturer, you will get the wholesale price.

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