How to Draw a Cartoon Alien

Draw a Cartoon alien in just six easy steps! The universe we live in is so vast that it can sometimes be difficult to understand. You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, scary drawing, pencil drawing, cool things to draw, scary drawing, creative drawing ideas, and flower drawing.

We know relatively little about the universe we call home, and the discussion around other ginger in the heavens has spouted since the start of society. It’s fun to imagine what aliens will look and act like on other planets, and we’re here to get a fun take on that in this manual on removing a comic foreigner!

You’ll be able to draw this awesome cartoon alien design in the end, and you can add your fun details and edits to personalize it even more. We hope you have an out-of-this-world fun time working through this fun step-by-step guide on how to draw a cartoon alien in just six easy steps!

How to draw a funny stranger – allow’s acquire created!

Step 1

The design we will work on in this guide is certainly fun and imaginative! We will start by outlining the head. The head of this alien is quite rounded, and it has two strange ears sticking out from the canopy. Utilize a curved bar for the director’s base, then use two spherical lines connecting at the top.

For the ears, use more rounded lines for the stems, then add the oval-shaped outlines on top. You can finish by drawing the ear holes with a black oval inside each one. This will end this first step, and then we can move on to step 2!

 Step 2: Draw the details of the alien’s face.

You have the outline of the alien’s head, and in this second step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon alien, we’ll add the details of the face. This alien has big expressive eyes, and you can draw them using big rounded shapes. Then add a large circle to each for the students. You can add the nostrils by drawing two small round shapes under the eyes. Finish this step by drawing a large, curved line for the mouth, then add some small, pointy teeth underneath.

Step 3: Currently, remove the components of the foreigner.

This third part of your cartoon alien drawing will see you adding fun wavy arms to the body. First, add a skinny little neck that descends from the base of the head. Next, we’ll use curved lines from the alien’s shoulders to form these slender arms. The more you can craft, the better! Then each arm will end in a hand with three long rounded fingers that bend a little. Once you’ve added those arms and neck, you can move on to part four of the guide!

Step 4: Draw the Alien’s Body

Now it’s time to add the body of this funny alien. For the chest and belly, you can draw a single curved line along the right arm. The rear will be removed utilizing two shorter curved pipes that tie. This alien will sport shorts; you can remove the boundary of these shorts by employing more curved stripes. Draw another rounded line for the shorts, and then you can draw the top of his legs. We’ll finish drawing these legs in the next step of this guide on drawing a cartoon alien, and you can also add other final details in this step.

Step 5: Now, you can count the last elements of this alien funny format.

This fifth step of the guide will consist of finishing this little alien by adding its legs and some final details. His legs are short and skinny, and he’ll wear cool alien shoes. These will have an oval border at the top, as shown in the reference image. Finally, your feet will consist of two long, slender toes. When you’ve added those legs and feet, you’re ready for the final step of the guide!

Before moving on to the coloring fun, add any other details or ideas you may have. It would be cool to draw a cool background, as it would be a great opportunity to design your alien planet. What kind of crazy setting do you envision for this incredible alien?

Step 6: Finish your alien drawing with color.

Your alien already looks great, but some colors would make it look better! In this last step, we will add some colors.

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