Are Healthcare Apps Filling the Doctor-Patient Gap Caused by the Pandemic?

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Over the past few years a rapid increase in the mobile health market can be observed. There are over 300K apps available in stores and 200 of them are launched on a daily basis worldwide.

Isn’t this fascinating?

Witnessing the digital transformation of one of the most conventional domains is nothing less than a miracle. Healthcare app development is being considered largely by global stakeholders because of the added advantages it delivers. Today with the help of this blog, we would be learning more about how mobile applications are playing a key role in boosting our lives and wellbeing.

So without any further ado, let us get the learning started, but first let us get the basics right!

Popular Types Of Health Apps!

We can break the types into three popular categories-

1. General Health And Wellness Applications

These include nutrition tracking apps that help users to count calories, track sleeping patterns, monitor moods and stress management. They basically can be considered as monitoring apps.

2. Telemedicine Apps

These are especially curated for delivering virtual patient care by licensed professionals. With these, users can contact the best doctor and consult them regarding any health issue online.

3. Health Management Apps

These are very useful for assisting patients in monitoring their own health conditions like mental wellbeing, diabetes, heart diseases, pregnancy and whatnot. With the help of these applications, healthcare providers can share and report on a user’s personal health records remotely. They play a huge role in daily healthcare routine by allowing users to keep a track of their medications.

Perks Of Developing Healthcare Apps!

1. Handling of emergency cases

Providing a dedicated mobile app allows a hospital to effectively handle emergency cases without any difficulty. During any emergency, the app notifies the doctor which allows them to take prompt action and save time.

2. An excellent business opportunity

Allowing the healthcare industry to make the most of app development can yield remarkable business opportunities. Integration of technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and Augmented reality has opened up a pool of opportunities. Investing your time and efforts now would yield profit in the near future.

3. Tracking medical history

Applications are extremely useful for managing patient’s history, especially cloud-based mobile applications that can prove to be useful in this regard. They allow the users to store their complete medical history safely at one place and enable secure access too.

4. Simplifies remote monitoring

Within a few years the world would be experiencing a shortage of medical experts and most gravely affected areas would be remote. Creating more healthcare apps boosts accessibility. Users living in remote areas can access them too.

Wrapping It Up!

According to the stats provided by a leading app development company, healthcare apps are successfully filling the gap created in between the patients and the medical staff during the pandemic. Long gone are the days when we needed to visit a hospital just to get reports, doctor’s consultation and medicines. Now thanks to the era of booming digitalization, we can access immediate medical attention at the comfort of our homes with just a few taps on the screen.

The popularity of these apps have inspired a lot of stakeholders to bridge the gap between the doctors and the patients. If you too are looking to build your own app, then make sure to connect with the team of best developers.

There is a lot that goes into creating the best application. From prioritizing quality to launching a bug-free application, a team of mobility strategists can help you with a lot of things. So what are you waiting for? Connect with the best team and explore ways to seamlessly integrate healthcare with mobile app development!

But until then, stay glued to this space for more exciting updates from around the world!

Happy innovating!

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