How To Do Residential And Commercial Cleaning

residential and commercial cleaning services

When we think of commercial, we usually think of a step up from residential. Cleaning is different from equipment. Regarding the differences between commercial and residential cleaning services, the phrases have different meanings. You should use a residential cleaning service if you have a residential house. A commercial cleaning service is more for the items you’ll come across in a business.

Commercial cleaning encompasses all aspects of garbage removal, hazardous waste removal, and heavy cleaning. That is why some people believe that if you employ somebody to clean your home, they will do a better job. The truth is that a commercial cleaning service only cleans better than a household cleaning service; they just clean different things. Those who require domestic assistance should stick with it rather than believing that a commercial one will provide a more profound or better clean.

Commercial Property

Commercial Cleaning is more frequent in commercial properties since they are more extensive, diverse, and have more foot activity than residential houses. You can provide services once a week, seven times a week, on-demand, or under a project-based contract.

Residential Cleaning 

You may clean homes weekly, monthly, or monthly, depending on the aims for which the residential owner engages you. Another alternative is to provide an on-call service that homeowners might use for special events.

What Are The Differences Between Residential And Commercial Cleaning?

We’ve already discussed how your services differ from residential to commercial cleaning services, but there are a few other differences to consider. This section will discuss how these two services compare to your equipment, billing and payments, service rates, the scope of work, and logistics.


Your house cleaning personnel must be detail-oriented, courteous, and personable. This is because residential cleaners frequently deal with consumers in their homes.

In commercial cleaning, you typically service the account after work hours when no one is there. These staff must still be trustworthy and pay close attention to detail, but they can concentrate on their cleaning rather than their interpersonal abilities.


Residential and commercial starter kits are often identical; however, professional cleaning frequently necessitates heavier-duty equipment. For example, a conventional vacuum can be used in a domestic residence. However, in a business environment, an industrial-sized vacuum is more efficient.

Of course, if you specialize in a service, you’ll only need the tools you need to do your job.

Payments And Billing

Billings for residential and commercial services are typically the same. You usually only charge for house cleaning services once the job is completed. However, invoicing before performing the job is usual in commercial services.

Charges For Services

Pricing for home and commercial cleaning differs significantly. Regarding residential pricing, you’ll charge per home plan, such as one bedroom, two bedrooms, two baths, a basement, and so on. Square footage is also an important consideration for larger homes. Pricing a residential residence on an hourly basis is a systematic method.

Commercial cleaning is often priced per square footage, floor density, facility type, production pace, and customer expectations. The most popular way to price commercial cleaning services is to charge a weekly or monthly fee.

Logistics And Planning

You can schedule a team of cleaners to work in one area for numerous shifts simultaneously in commercial cleaning. Residential cleaning, on the other hand, has many moving parts. For example, one to two cleaning specialists may visit several places daily.

Two Distinct Techniques To Promote Your Cleaning Company

How you sell your services will depend entirely on whether you provide residential or commercial cleaning services (or both!).  You can get house cleaning services in Conyers, ga, from any professional company.

Marketing For Homes

Residential cleaning is a highly personalized service. Homeowners must have confidence in you to enter their home and handle their personal belongings. An excellent way to acquire their trust is to promote your company as a personal brand. Ultimately, you want to connect on a personal level with potential clients.

Even if you aren’t usually the technician cleaning inside the homes, use your name and face to market whenever possible. Instagram, Facebook, tailored email campaigns, and door-to-door advertising in target communities are all excellent ways to advertise your brand.

Commercial Marketing

B2B marketing is your goal when it comes to commercial cleaning (business to business.) Your first goal should be to portray your company in the most reputable and professional light possible.

Automated email marketing, video advertising, and attending networking and procurement events can all help you market your commercial cleaning company. It is also critical to have a decent internet presence and website to attract giant corporations.

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